• Making a Trellis With Bamboo

    The first step in making a trellis out of bamboo is to sketch out the design. It's important to consider where the trellis will go, and what plants you want to grow on it. Then, take measurements and mark where each bamboo pole meets the others.Bamboo sticks can be purchased from a garden store or y

  • Bamboo Lollipop Sticks

    Bamboo lollipop sticks are durable and perfect for caramel apples and gift pops. These sticks are 13cm long and make a great choice for lollipops or caramel apples. They are made from renewable bamboo and can be found in a wide range of colours and styles. Whether you are planning a party or simply

  • Purchasing Bamboo Poles

    There are a number of ways to purchase bamboo poles. First of all, consider buying the poles from a country that grows and harvests bamboo responsibly. Then, find out the diameter and length of the bamboo poles you are interested in. This can help you choose the correct size for your poles.There are

  • Using Bamboo As a Fence Line

    When you're looking for a green and attractive way to border your property, consider using bamboo as a fence line. It's a fast-growing plant, and the stalks of many species can grow as high as 120 feet! This rapid growth can be great for filling a space, but can also cause problems for neighboring p

  • How to Make a Bamboo Garden Trellis

    To make a bamboo garden trellis, the first step is to decide on the design. Try to be creative, but remember to consider where you'll be placing it, and what you'd like to grow on it. You can draw it out on paper, and measure it to make sure you'll get the right height and width.A bamboo trellis is

  • Colored Bamboo Sticks

    Colored bamboo sticks are a popular craft item that you can use to create beautiful, decorative pieces for your home. The materials used in these colorful creations are easy to work with and are extremely durable. In fact, bamboo can even be used for the base of your furniture. It is an eco-friendly

  • How to Cut Bamboo Poles

    Bamboo is a tough wood, so cutting it can be tricky. A sharp handsaw or power saw is your best bet. Be sure to clamp the pole securely to prevent splitting and splintering. You can also heat the plant in cold weather to prevent splitting. If you don't have a power saw, you can use pruning shears on

  • Bamboo Fence Styles

    There are many different styles of bamboo fences, each with their own unique characteristics. Some bamboo fencing is simple, while others are more complex. Regardless of the style you choose, bamboo fences are beautiful and functional. Bamboo has long been a popular building material in Asia, where

  • Faux Bamboo Sticks For Tropical Landscaping

    The best way to create the look of a tropical landscape is to incorporate faux bamboo sticks into your landscaping design. These durable sticks can withstand tropical weather, insects, and general wear and tear. They'll keep looking amazing season after season. Here are some ideas to help you achiev

  • Buying Big Bamboo Poles

    Big bamboo poles come in many shapes and sizes. They are usually a couple of feet in diameter, and can be up to 6' long. The diameter may be as much as one inch smaller than the base. When buying bamboo poles, choose those with minimal bends. Look for quality - bamboo poles should be color-coded and

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