• Benefits of Bamboo Stilts

    Bamboo poles offer all the features required for a good landscaping design and are now widely used in most of the countries. They have become more popular than ever with the introduction of the bamboo pole garden. Bamboo poles are used for various purposes such as:Bamboo is considered as a very rene

  • Black Bamboo Poles - The Beauty and Durability of Bamboo

    Black bamboo poles have become very popular in recent years and are now an important part of many residential and commercial structures. One of the reasons for their popularity is that they are environmentally friendly. The first reason to use these poles is that they are durable, strong and easy to

  • Benefits of a Bamboo Pole

    Bamboo poles are highly sustainable, durable and eco-friendly materials in today's World of sustainable building products. Bamboo is an evergreen hardwood tree native to Southeast Asia and other tropical regions. Bamboo poles, when treated and harvested, are cut into lengths that vary from a few fee

  • How to Make Bamboo Sticks

    Bamboo sticks are the perfect item for children. They're light and easy to carry. It's fun to help your child make their own toys with them. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Your child will find something special and fun to play with each time they play with these bamboo sticks.I

  • Trellis Bamboo - An Ideal Choice For Your Home Decor

    There are many different types of bamboo and one of the most popular in today's market is the Trellis Bamboo. It is a kind of bamboo that stands tall and can be used in different types of structures. It is mainly used for hanging lights on top of your house and is an ideal choice for light fixtures

  • Why Choose Bamboo Fence?

    If you're interested in conserving your money and the environment, consider purchasing a bamboo fence as opposed to the usual steel and vinyl fence. When it comes to fencing materials, bamboo is definitely the most eco-friendly choice out there. Because of its ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissi

  • How to Build a Perfect Bamboo Fence

    Nothing symbolizes beauty, strength and simplicity like a beautiful bamboo fencing. In Japan, bamboo fencing is a fascinating art form, but you do not need to be particularly artistic, or particularly crafty, to know how to build an ideal picket fence and use this basic type of Japanese tea fence.Wh

  • A Bamboo Trellise

    A bamboo trellis is a great way to add beauty to any garden and give it a sense of peace and tranquility. They are made of bamboo and can be placed in the ground to add beauty to any garden.Bamboo comes from the Asian countries and is used for everything from medicine to furniture to flooring and ev

  • Bamboo Sticks - Learn What Types of Bamboo to Use For Decorating

    Bamboo sticks are made from the wood of the bamboo plant, which is a perennial plant that grows from the soil. Bamboo sticks are typically used to hang out in gardens and are often the most inexpensive way to add some color and interest to a yard or patio. However, before you start decorating your p

  • Benefits of Using Bamboo Poles

    Bamboo poles offer sustainable and high performance lumber, making them an attractive choice for construction projects. Single bamboo poles often have longer lengths, which allows the tree to grow more quickly, and is a popular alternative to traditional lumber because of its environmental advantage

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