• The Basics of How to Connect Bamboo Poles to Your Existing Patio

    It is possible to connect your patio furniture to your existing patio wall or a patio roof. This allows the existing patio materials to stand in the same place without any additional construction or tearing. Here are some tips on how to attach a patio pole to a new or existing patio roof.Type One: B

  • The Benefits of Using Bamboo Fence

    Bamboo fence or bamboo slats are made of either split or woven bamboo fibers and fitted with black nylon covered wire, unlike many wooden slat fences on the market which tie their slats together using bare metal wire exposed to rust and unsightly rust. You can have a bamboo fence in any style or des

  • Decorating With Bamboosticks

    Using bamboo sticks for decorating your business, for decoration and gift giving purposes are a fun and relaxing way to add to the charm and elegance of any home. Bamboo sticks can be used for everything from table decorations to serving as a great promotional tool.Bamboo stick is actually a composi

  • Bamboo Poles and Stands - A Great Addition to Any Room

    When there's a need to divide rooms, privacy or simply separate areas, one could use bamboo screens or bamboo dividers. There are several different styles and models of bamboo screens and dividers to choose from. The screens and dividers, however, are usually more foldable making them very versatile

  • A Unique Way to Add Style

    Bamboo fence screens are pre-made panels that can be fitted to your property or home. They come in many different styles and sizes; the most popular wood framed bamboo fencing screens and the modern, contemporary all-in-one bamboo construction screen, bring to your garden a unique touch of natural n

  • A Bamboo Trellise Is A Beautiful Way To Add Beauty To Your Home

    Bamboo trellises are a wonderful way to add a little class and elegance to any patio. They're not only beautiful but very practical too - a beautiful, sturdy, and attractive bamboo trellise can house grapevines or other flowers on one side while you enjoy your outdoor living space on the other. You

  • Bamboo Sticks - Why You Should Consider Them

    Wondering where to purchase high quality bamboo sticks? Look no farther.Bamboo sticks serve as excellent indoor or outdoor decor. Keep reading for more information on bamboo sticks. Bamboo sticks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and materials. A good bamboo stick will last a lifetime.Bambo

  • Benefits of Bamboo Stilts

    Bamboo poles offer all the features required for a good landscaping design and are now widely used in most of the countries. They have become more popular than ever with the introduction of the bamboo pole garden. Bamboo poles are used for various purposes such as:Bamboo is considered as a very rene

  • Black Bamboo Poles - The Beauty and Durability of Bamboo

    Black bamboo poles have become very popular in recent years and are now an important part of many residential and commercial structures. One of the reasons for their popularity is that they are environmentally friendly. The first reason to use these poles is that they are durable, strong and easy to

  • Benefits of a Bamboo Pole

    Bamboo poles are highly sustainable, durable and eco-friendly materials in today's World of sustainable building products. Bamboo is an evergreen hardwood tree native to Southeast Asia and other tropical regions. Bamboo poles, when treated and harvested, are cut into lengths that vary from a few fee

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