• About Bamboo Stir Sticks

    If you are thinking about trying out Chinese cooking, then you should consider buying bamboo stir sticks because these are the most useful for stir frying. They are perfect to use in stir frying since they can easily penetrate the fat. This makes it easier for you to stir-fry the food without having

  • A Low-Cost Way To Spruce Up A Home

    Bamboo poles decoration is a new and up to date trend. Bamboo is a new and environmentally friendly option for home construction and decorating. Bamboo poles are used not only for their natural beauty but also because they are sustainable and easy to maintain. They are a great way to incorporate the

  • Planning to Build Your Fence? Think About Bamboo Rolls For Fence Posts and Postures

    Did you know that bamboo strips can be used as beautiful and practical fence panels? The main difference between woven bamboo panels and standard woven panels is that the bamboo is woven into the paneles. Bamboo paneling is a cost effective alternative to other materials used in constructing fences,

  • Beautiful Wedding Trellis Choices For Your Garden

    For the budding or soon to be married couple, a wedding trellis is the perfect accessory. With the variety of styles and designs to choose from, finding one that fits your needs and is within your budget should be easy. For a casual outdoor ceremony, choosing a simple trellis design can be just fine

  • Black Bamboo Sticks As Tiki Statues

    Tre was, a type of Bamboo, is different from the normal bamboo sticks that you usually see outside. The tre gai bamboo sticks are thinner and have more pronounced grains. This makes the bamboo harder and hence more durable as well. However, it also makes it possible to use lesser bamboo sticks and m

  • A Few Reasons Why You Should Consider White Bamboo Poles

    White Bamboo Poles is no doubt the most common choice for surfacing your property or a private picnic area. They are ideal for all types of outdoor activities and can provide the right amount of shade for any out door setting. If you were to choose only one type of material for surfacing your home o

  • Privacy Your Home With Living Bamboo Fences

    Whether you go with an ornate living bamboo fence or go for a simple, easy-to Install, pre-built one, adding a natural looking bamboo feature to your property is certain to please both the eye and your budget. Bamboo is naturally among the fastest growing naturally occurring plants in the world, ear

  • How to Make Bamboo Trellis - A Simple DIY Project

    If you have recently decided to go down the route of conserving and protecting our environment, it may be time to learn how to make bamboo trellis. Bamboo is one of the most popular materials used for garden decorations because of its light weight, as well as its versatile nature. The main problem w

  • Bamboo Arts, Crafts With Bamboo Sticks, Decorative Sculptures and More

    Best DIY Bamboo Sticker DIY Bamboo Shower Planter. Beautiful natural strong yet simple bamboo stickers that you should definitely try. merge various sized bamboo sticks together to make the support of a small glass vase. 5 trendy bamboo bottle craft ideas.This is the first in our series of best bamb

  • How To Choose A Bamboo Spine For Your Pole Fishing Setup

    Bamboo poles, also known as Ystrachys and Hippogrades are a great way to add the look and feel of natural grass to your garden. Bamboo grows very fast, so buying some bamboo poles in advance is a good idea. You can also make your own bamboo poles by using thick wood or bamboo rods cut to the correct

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