• The Benefits of Florida Bamboo Poles

    Florida bamboo poles are available at a wide variety of prices. From the inexpensive to the more expensive, bamboo is a sustainable option for many types of landscaping projects. If you are in need of some new stakes or poles for your lawn, try visiting a local hardware store. If you are in the mark

  • How to Install a Bamboo Chain Link Fence

    When installing a bamboo chain link fence, it is necessary to use the proper tools. In order to install the fence, wrap galvanized wire around the bamboo stalks three to four times. Then, use a crimping tool to attach the wires. You should be careful not to pull too hard, otherwise, the mesh might r

  • The Bamboo Expanding Trellis

    The bamboo expanding trellis is made from environmentally friendly, fast-growing bamboo. It is a natural plant support that blends seamlessly into any landscape. You can use it to create a decorative border or to hold up bush beans in raised beds. It also doubles as a decorative divider or border. I

  • Bamboo Craft Sticks - Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, and Hygienic

    Natural, flexible and smooth, bamboo craft sticks make great tools for woodcrafts, handicrafts, and educational activities. They can be painted, drilled, and wired for many uses. They're also a great choice for adorning your home and making unique gifts for friends and family. There are a wide varie

  • Discount Bamboo Poles

    Whether you are looking for a sturdy bench for the patio or a large divider for your yard, discount bamboo poles are an excellent choice. The material is environmentally friendly and versatile, and comes in a variety of colors. You can find bamboo poles for large and small projects and a variety of

  • How to Grow Bamboo in Your Yard

    If you live in a city, you might want to start growing bamboo in your yard. You can use the plant for a natural fence, but it may require a little more effort than a traditional one. Make sure to check local ordinances and learn more about how to properly grow bamboo. You can even plant it in your n

  • How to Build a Simple Bamboo Trellis

    A simple bamboo trellis is a great way to support flowering vines or climbing vegetables. It is also a great way to clear space in your garden. One of the best things about bamboo is its sturdy and lightweight construction. It will last for years before it rots. To build a trellis yourself, you can

  • The Benefits of Bamboo Incense Sticks

    While the rolled and shaped incense sticks are still used in some parts of Asia, bamboo incense sticks are a better alternative for Indian homes. The natural wood powder and fragrance of bamboo are both soothing and calming, and the unique stick shape allows for the perfect combination of flavor and

  • How to Make a Garden Out of Bamboo Poles

    Bamboo poles are an attractive addition to any garden. Despite their short lifespan, bamboo is strong and durable, and their long, straight canes are long enough to support several shrubs or trees. While most species of bamboo grow rapidly, some species, such as arrow, are slow to grow. They must be

  • Building Bamboo Trellis - Easy Step by Step Tutorial

    Bamboo trellis is one of the most popular materials that people like to use when they are constructing a home. People like the fact that it is strong, durable and it can be used in many different places as well. It is also great for providing privacy and you will not have any problems with pests or

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