Why Choose TreLan Bamboo?

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If you are looking for superior construction-grade bamboo for pole construction, Tre-Lan bamboo is a top choice. This beautiful bamboo has prominent leaves that create a stunningly beautiful material that's great for use outdoors as well as indoors. Tre-Lan bamboo poles are ideal for outdoor use in either garden or patio areas, and for indoor usage as wall hanging or decorating features.

Bamboo poles come in many different styles and colors. They are usually made out of wood and coated with resin and/or paint. This coating is what gives it the distinctive natural appearance of bamboo that makes it so appealing. Tre-Lan bamboo is especially popular due to the fact that it is extremely lightweight and easily cut to size for any use.

Bamboo is used to manufacture everything from rope, clothes and paper to roofing materials. The fact that it is durable, lightweight, easy to cut and shape makes it very versatile in the construction world. If you are considering bamboo for pole construction, the ideal bamboo to look for is a tre-lan bamboo. This is a beautiful, high quality bamboo product that is very strong and durable. There is no reason to use traditional building materials with this type of pole because it is built to last and will be able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Bamboo also offers a number of advantages over traditional pole construction materials. Bamboo can be shaped into just about anything and it doesn't rot. Because it's naturally resistant to rot it is resistant to fire and insect damage, and can be left outdoors year round without any issues at all. In addition, bamboo is extremely renewable, meaning it's available to grow indefinitely - which is great news for those who are concerned about the effects of global warming.

Bamboo has long been considered a sustainable product due to the fact that it is biodegradable. That means it can be recycled and doesn't end up in landfill sites. Also, because bamboo is not affected by insects or termites, it does not need to be treated with chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. Because it's naturally resistant to decay and insects it can be left out in the elements without fear of warping or rotting.

Because bamboo is durable and versatile, it's a great choice for use in building materials and other projects around the home or office. It is light and easy to install, is resistant to rotting and has an attractive natural appearance. With its unique look and quality construction features, re-grade bamboo is a wise choice to use in the construction of beautiful bamboo poles that you can be proud to have in your home or office.

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