Tips For Using Bamboo Sticks As a Fishing Rod

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When it comes to fishing, bamboo sticks are considered to be an extremely effective weapon. While other sticks are available in the market, these sticks are very handy, useful and comfortable to use. Many are surprised by the fact that bamboo sticks can really make fishing easy.

Green bamboo sticks have a less conductive finish. The details in the handle tend to be lighter than those of the black sticks. This makes it easier for you to control the fishing line when you are using them.

When you're using your fishing rod, it's important to know how to tie the entire thing. It is a requirement of using a regular stick to fish with. However, while you'll need to tie your bamboo stick, most anglers don't think about tying it properly.

The three knots that you must tie on your green bamboo sticks are a bow line, a slip knot and a regular knot. To start, bring the top end of the bamboo stick towards you and then loosen it a little bit. Then, twist the two pieces on the ends of the handle together and then pull them apart again.

Next, take the top end of the bamboo stick and insert the slip knot. Then, just pull the knot tight and tie it off with a bit of thread. Then, carefully untie the slip knot and then pull the loop. Tie a bow line to the line that you'll be using with a regular knot. A bow line, or the side knot, should be brought towards you as it's the line that will control the fishing line.

Take the side knot and draw it through the loop that was created by the bow line. Then, pull the loop together and fold it over itself. This allows the bow line to catch any fish that is caught in the water.

If you want to use a bendable line, you just need to twist it onto the wire that you are using. Then, tie a slip knot to hold the bendable. You then tie a normal knot, but you need to make sure that the bendable is still tied around the bendable. Finally, pull the loop closed and you're done.

These are some of the techniques used to use bamboo sticks as a fishing rod. Make sure that you use them regularly to help you catch more fish and make fishing easy.

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