The Art of Bamboo Sticks

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A bamboo stick, made of bamboo, is a tool of the old-world art of adorning the body. Bamboo sticks are recognized as the oldest known adornment. From those days a tradition has been followed, that serves as a good example for most adornments for personal use.

Adorning oneself is a way of expressing oneself and a person's age, stature, talent, race, sexuality, faith, a theme in which the person can find meaning. It also means living a life full of hope and vitality. Anyone can make a bamboo stick.

One can choose his or her own style. It can be a simple look of leather or it can be a totally unique one. One can make it as per one's preference by adding different colors and patterns or by using a string and a hook to attach the ends of the string to an object like a shoe.

In addition to adorning the body, bamboo sticks can also be used for adornments for special occasions. They are a popular choice for weddings and parties. They make ideal adornments on people's hands for special occasions.

Since they can be used in different forms, they have evolved into various styles. In the olden days, the sticks were shaped like a pumpkin. The most common styles are the art nouveau style and the modern style.

Most people's hand is usually covered with an enamel paint but if it is not, painting it can add an extra touch of beauty. Apart from that, the painting will help to make it look more attractive and beautiful.

With this kind of art, one does not need to paint it to make it look beautiful, just making it slightlyprotected can do the trick. For people who want to get the best results, the style of adorning a person's hand can vary from simple and colorful, to complex and elegant. Since the sticks are generally made of bamboo, they would naturally go well with any type of color.

Another good thing about bamboo sticks is that they are easy to maintain. They do not need to be painted to look beautiful, it only needs a little brushing once in a while to give it an extra shine.

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