The Advantages of Using Mahogany Bamboo Fencing Panels For Your Commercial Grade Bamboo Security Fence

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If you want a sturdy fence, strong enough to keep away dogs and children and yet still be aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain, you should consider using a bamboo fence. Bamboo fencing is a low maintenance fence that looks great in any yard. It's strong, beautiful and very affordable. Here's how to build your own bamboo fence.

Begin by digging a hole for the frame that will surround the steel wire. Measure out the length of the desired fence from end to end. Use a level to ensure the ground is level. Set your saw up on a table to make sure the fence is straight and mark where you will drill holes for the posts and railings. Four inch screws will work well to fasten the posts into the ground. Mahogany wood will expand slightly when it is cut so you may want to use two or three boards instead of just one for this step.

Once you have the measurements for the fencing, you can buy ready-made bamboo fence panels. The panels will be of the same size as the steel wire that will go around the panels. They can be purchased at home improvement stores. Make sure they are treated for rust protection before installing them. You can also install mahogany bamboo fencing panels on your own but it is best to hire someone who has experience in bamboo fencing.

Next you will want to stain the bamboo fence panels. This will give it a rich, natural look. You may want to stain the entire panel in a single color, or you may want to try several different hues. However, be aware that the lighter the stain the more easily it will fade. If you decide to use more than one stain you will want to make sure you use a durable stain such as an epoxy paint.

When you are finally ready to install the mahogany bamboo fencing panels, you will want to get price quotes from a few different vendors. You should take note that not all fencing companies mark their prices the same way so price differences are to be expected. Also, if you get price quotes from more than one company you should ask each company for a written quote with their prices outlined. This way you will know for sure that you are getting the best deal possible. You can then research online to find the best price for the amount of security you are looking to install.

Installing mahogany bamboo fencing panels is a breeze. They are made from one piece of wood and designed to interlock like puzzle pieces. They are easy to install but are also strong enough to keep animals out. When properly installed, the fence will not even show up when it is not in use. You can install these bamboo fence panels anywhere in your property where you would like to keep animals out. If you live in a rural area, you may want to talk to a professional before trying it yourself.

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