Privacy Your Home With Living Bamboo Fences

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Privacy Your Home With Living Bamboo Fences

Whether you go with an ornate living bamboo fence or go for a simple, easy-to Install, pre-built one, adding a natural looking bamboo feature to your property is certain to please both the eye and your budget. Bamboo is naturally among the fastest growing naturally occurring plants in the world, earning it a prestigious name among landscapers as well as home and garden owners. Bamboo has many advantages over other materials used for fencing, and with a little creativity, can be added to an existing fence to create something truly unique. If you're considering adding a natural looking fence to your home, bamboo may be the perfect choice for you.

A living bamboo fence is created by removing the old wood from around the perimeter of your existing fence and replacing it with a series of spiral-shaped stalks made from the same material that zillas and other big cats prefer to gnaw on. While this method does require a bit more work and maintenance than a standard vinyl fence, it's definitely more interesting and probably more visually appealing to your friends and neighbors. You'll find that stalks made of bamboo have a tendency to grow quite tall and therefore require a longer distance between each one. If you plan to plant taller plants such as bamboo or other climbing plants, you may want to opt for a stalker that doesn't grow too high. It's also a good idea to space your bamboo fence so that taller plants don't have to crowd the fence's opening.

The reason why living bamboo fence is often used for fencing is that it offers numerous benefits. One advantage is that bamboo fencing is not only naturally strong, but incredibly durable as well. It's extremely hard to damage, which makes it a very attractive choice when it comes to constructing a home or even a commercial building. Bamboo fencing is so strong and durable because of the unique properties it possesses; the same properties that make it one of the fastest growing naturally occurring materials.

The bamboo fences are also available in a number of different styles, all of which provide different levels of privacy as well. For example, you can use natural green slabs as well as black ones, and each of them offer their own unique level of privacy as well. Some people prefer the smaller, more open weave, while others prefer the rolled slabs that are woven closely together. Generally, you'll find the small, open weave roll less private and can provide greater privacy as compared to the roll made of black or galvanized steel wire. Since bamboo fences are generally made using a combination of large and small bamboo rings, you'll have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the perfect decorative roll to compliment your living bamboo fence.

The large panels of bamboo come in two basic styles - round and rectangular. They are woven from several thin strips of grass that are tied together with a strong string, and each strip adds about one inch to the height of the panel. Typically, you can add a pre-made panel or select the necessary panels when shopping for bamboo panels. These panels are then coated with a special sealer that keeps the grass strands from rotting away. If you want to add more privacy, you can cut individual reed panels to custom lengths and then add these panels to the panel already in place.

If you want more privacy, you can also use the smaller square bamboo rings in place of the larger round rings. Because these smaller rings weigh less than the rounded rings, they provide a higher level of privacy when stacked up against each other. This is especially useful if you have shrubs or plants directly around your bamboo fences. Another advantage of using bamboo rolls is that they don't rust. In addition, the maintenance is greatly reduced because you don't have to scrape and refinish the metal rings every few years. It's important to note that bamboo fences are not meant to be all year long; however, it's still possible to repair them by painting and sealing the metal pieces, which is another reason why so many people choose to use bamboo rolls for their privacy fences.


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