How to Choose Bamboo Poles For Your Projects

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The uses for bamboo poles are endless. It can be used for decoration, landscaping, home construction and much more. This is because it is a very strong and durable material that can be customized to any size or shape. If you have a large garden or space that you want to use Bamboo poles for, you will need to have a larger sized pole. There are certain factors to consider when choosing between various Bamboo poles.

The amount of bamboo plants that you will be using will also determine the size of the Bamboo pole. Larger bamboo poles are used for larger projects and Bamboo garden furniture like arbors and trellises. A bamboo garden swing is an example of a Bamboo pole that is large enough to use if you want to cover a large area. You can get bamboo poles in any size you wish as long as it is one inch per foot and eight feet long. That way you know you have enough material to cover the area you want.

The next factor to consider is the thickness of the bamboo poles. Bamboo can be of varying thickness and there is a bamboo pole for every different thickness. If you are going to be using standard bamboo poles, you will want to choose ones that are at least three inches thick and eight feet long.

The other factor to consider is whether you want a Bamboo rope or Bamboo rod. Bamboo rods are more difficult to work with but many people like using them because they are harder and more reliable. However, bamboo poles do not have to be straight because they can be bent in many ways to fit the needs you have. Some of the bamboo poles I have seen are six foot sections with three foot bends at the end where the two pieces of wood are joined.

The last factor to take into account is the diameter of the bamboo poles. If you are going to be using the larger diameter bamboo poles you will need to determine the circumference of the area you want covered. This measurement will be important when determining the thickness of the bamboo poles. Next you will need to figure out how much length you will need. Obviously, the thicker the diameter the longer the length so this measurement is critical.

If you take all of these measurements into consideration, you should be able to choose the best bamboo poles for your needs. In order to determine the best poles you can take your area and turn it into a circle. Measure the circumference of your area and then the diameter. Finally you can divide the two measurements to get the inches of length you will need. These measurements are the best bamboo poles for your projects.

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