How to Build Bamboo Trellis Stakes - A DIY Guide For Beginners

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How to Build Bamboo Trellis Stakes - A DIY Guide For Beginners

Building a bamboo trellis with bamboo poles, cedar or other material will give you the best type of a privacy screen. Privacy screens can be used on the exterior or interior of your home, on a deck, patio or gazebo and more. These screens will keep the unwanted outside world out while still allowing in some light and fresh air. There are many uses for a bamboo trellis and other types of privacy screens. You can use it to build an archway or even a fence, depending on the style you want.

First you need to start by making sure you have a strong support for your bamboo poles or other materials. The first thing you want to do is buy or build a solid bamboo support. This can be a piece of wood that will completely cover the bottom rung of the bamboo trellis or a sturdy board made from a cedar board. Next you want to find a place with cedar that will support your bamboo poles. One option is to find a cedar tree in your yard or another large tree in your landscape or even a shed.

Once you have your bamboo support in place, you will want to start building your trellis. If your trellis already exists, you can simply make adjustments to it. For a new trellis, start by cutting your bamboo poles about two feet longer than the width of your trellis. Secure each of the cut pieces to wooden stakes evenly. It's a good idea to mark the top and bottom of the posts so you know where to put them when you are finished. Then use cedar or other material to stake the rest of the bamboo pieces down firmly.

If your bamboo trellis has already been built, then you will want to find a way to strengthen it as the weather conditions change. The easiest way to do this is to nail the bottom boards down at the corners. This will allow you to change the direction of the stem as the seasons change. Just be sure that you nail the bottom securely since you don't want the weight of the trellis to pull it down on the posts or the entire thing could break.

Now it's time to build a support beam for the trellis. You will want to position the boards and posts in the center of your bamboo deck, and mark the top, bottom and side of the beam so you know where to stake the bamboo. Simply attach one board at each corner of your trellis, and then nail in the support beams.

Last but not least, you are ready to finally string the bamboo poles together and hang your trellis. Since your trellis needs to support more weight than the posts, I would recommend that you add an extra brace at the bottom before you hang it. Be sure to anchor the bamboo poles securely and use the correct size of ties.


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