How to Build a Bamboo Trellis

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Building a bamboo trellis is not as difficult as some might make it out to be. It really only takes a little planning and the right materials to complete the project. If you can visualize how the entire structure will look and fit into your garden, then it will go much faster. In this article I will go over the three basic steps of how to build a bamboo trellis.

The first step to how to build a bamboo trellis is to draw out a plan. This plan should show you where you are going to place the trellis and what type of material you are going to use to do so. Some people like to use bamboo. This is a very strong and durable grass and for this reason it is not as susceptible to termites as it would be other types of grass. For others a combination of bamboo and holly is most desirable.

The second step is to buy a metal frame to hold the bamboo trellis in place. You may need to buy two or three, depending on how many bends you want to install into the trellis. It is important that you find a metal frame that fits snugly in your garden space.

The third step is to attach the trellis to the frame. The easiest way to attach the trellis is to glue the wood to the wood and glue it to the metal frame. Some people choose to use special cording to fasten the bamboo onto the metal. The cording will help to keep the bamboo firmly in place.

The fourth step to how to build a bamboo trellis is to get a few tools together. You need a hammer, a nail, a level, and a small drill bit. When I say small, I mean just a few inches. These tools will be used to make the bends that will join the bamboo to the metal.

The fifth step to how to build a bamboo trellis is to put the bamboo at various angles. Once you have it at the desired angle, you will need to apply small amounts of pressure until it snaps into place. Once this has been done, you will need to clean up any excess glue or tape.

The sixth step to how to build a bamboo trellis is to finish the bends. This is a simple process as long as you use a nail and a hammer. Also, you will need to fill in any gaps with concrete.

The seventh step to how to build a bamboo trellis is to cover the bamboo with soil. This is all that is needed to give it the life it needs to grow for a long time. This part is fairly simple.

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