Buying Big Bamboo Poles

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Buying Big Bamboo Poles

Big bamboo poles come in many shapes and sizes. They are usually a couple of feet in diameter, and can be up to 6' long. The diameter may be as much as one inch smaller than the base. When buying bamboo poles, choose those with minimal bends. Look for quality - bamboo poles should be color-coded and have minimal cracks and bends, and be at the right maturity level. Buying poles in green can be a cheap way to create a stunning garden design.

The Phyllostachys gigantea species is one of the largest specimens of bamboo. Its tall, robust culms and yellow stripes make it a superior building material. The C. gigantea species is available at bamboo specialist nurseries in the United States and Canada. A few varieties have distinct characteristics that make them more appealing to gardeners. If you're looking for an impressive specimen, consider growing the Phyllostachys gigantea species.

Moso bamboo has deep green canes and is a popular choice for gardens and parks. They can grow up to a height of 100 feet and are often used to create panels or flooring. Moso bamboo is difficult to grow west of the Mississippi. When dried, it turns yellow. Its height is a great choice for building plant frames or pergolas. Bamboo Import Europe has the largest canes and poles in Europe.

If you're in the market for large bamboo poles, it's important to choose one that has been harvested in a socially responsible manner. These poles are ideal for any type of indoor or outdoor project. They have a slight bend to them, but most are straight. Typically, these poles will be shorter than the name-brand size, so be sure to select a manufacturer who produces the exact size you need.

When buying big bamboo poles, make sure to look for poles with thick walls. These can be difficult to split. Choose Southeastern Asian Solid Bamboo Poles, which are harder than Gudua. Look for four to six-year-old bamboo if possible, and go with the best quality. The bamboo Creasian factory makes construction solid poles that are treated to reduce cracking. This will give your big bamboo poles a high quality look that will last for years.

When buying big bamboo poles, choose those that are rated for durability. The best quality poles are designed to be low maintenance. Because they are dried to 20% moisture content, they are not susceptible to changes in humidity or temperature. They are simple to clean with linseed oil or soap and water. You can choose poles with stain. These poles will last longer than traditional bamboo. They will not fade with time, but they may lose their color with exposure to direct sunlight.


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