Building Bamboo Trellis - Easy Step by Step Tutorial

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Building Bamboo Trellis - Easy Step by Step Tutorial

Bamboo trellis is one of the most popular materials that people like to use when they are constructing a home. People like the fact that it is strong, durable and it can be used in many different places as well. It is also great for providing privacy and you will not have any problems with pests or insects using it. Here are a few tips that will help you understand the basics of building bamboo trellis with a pole.

First of all, when you are building a bamboo trellis, the first thing that you want to do is take out all of the old boards that were on the wall that you are going to be putting the bamboo up on. You will also want to remove the old stringer bars that were on the wall that will make it much easier for you to get the bamboo up. After that you will want to measure the distance between the top of the pole that is used to support the bamboo from breaking and the bottom of the board that is straight. This measurement is going to be important because it will determine how much material you need to purchase.

After you have figured out the distance between these two pieces, you will want to purchase a board that is at least one and a half inches bigger than the original bamboo that was used to support it. Make sure that the board is straight and that it is parallel to the ground. Once you have the board ready, you will want to cut it so that it is at least an inch longer than the original bamboo. Then you will attach it to the bamboo with a piece of wood that is the same size as the previous piece of wood. Cut it again on the top to secure it.

The next part of building a bamboo trellis involves cutting the bamboo into the right lengths. You should have at least six inch ropes in order to make the trellis sturdy enough to hold your vines. You can use wood shims to make the boards a bit shorter or you can buy some long screws. However, it is best to go with shims because screws can bend and break the bamboo strands when they are being used for something that is really tall. You will then want to start installing each piece of bamboo.

Now that you know what you need to do to make a trellis, the last thing that you have to do is get started building a bamboo trellis. Start by setting one end of the rope up on the board and tie a piece of string onto this. Now you will have a length of string to work with. The next thing that you need to do is cut a piece of the bamboo stem that is about one inch longer than the string. Now you can begin to tie the piece of string onto the bottom half of the trellis.

When you are finished building bamboo trellis it is time to cut and attach the other pieces of bamboo. Make sure to secure them securely to the decking so that they will not come apart. When you are done building a trellis, be sure to check your structure for any deterioration. If you notice any missing pieces, take care of these first. Also, remember to fill in any holes or gaps in your trellis and enjoy the beautiful vines that you have built.


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