Beautiful Wedding Trellis Choices For Your Garden

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Beautiful Wedding Trellis Choices For Your Garden

For the budding or soon to be married couple, a wedding trellis is the perfect accessory. With the variety of styles and designs to choose from, finding one that fits your needs and is within your budget should be easy. For a casual outdoor ceremony, choosing a simple trellis design can be just fine. But for an elegant and formal outdoor reception or ceremony, you may wish to consider a more ornate design like that of the Eiffel Tower trellis. These distinctive wedding trellis designs will make your outdoor area not only look beautiful but will also offer a measure of privacy while also adding beauty to your surroundings.

A bamboo wedding trellis should not be confused with a privacy trellis. A privacy trellis is designed to keep the wedding guests out of the reception or ceremony, allowing the couple and their guests to enjoy the festivities undisturbed. The bamboo wedding trellis is designed to be enjoyed all year around. That is why many people choose to purchase a trellis which can be moved throughout the years so that it remains a focal point of the garden even when the weather is less than ideal. Moving a trellis is not very difficult, as long as you know how to do it.

A bamboo trellis is constructed in much the same way as a regular wood trellis, by nailing together thin pieces of bamboo shrub. When choosing a bamboo wedding trellis, remember that the style will be different depending on the type of bamboo used. Some trees grow straight up, making it easier to construct a trellis from them. Other kinds of bamboo tend to branch out, which makes it much more difficult to construct a trellis from. Once you have chosen the kind of bamboo you would like to use, you need to choose a suitable design.

Most wedding trellises consist of four points, with a single beam on top. However, bamboo wedding trellis designs can be constructed without using braced brackets. The result is a much taller, more elegant looking piece of bridal furniture. Brides who prefer a simpler look can opt for a single, thinner piece of bamboo. Whatever the case, your wedding reception tables will look spectacular with a bamboo wedding trellis, especially when decorated with white or ivory flowers.

Once you have decided which style of bamboo wedding trellis you would like to use, it's time to select the type of bamboo you want to use. It is important to make sure that the wood you select will last the length of the trellis. It is also important to consider any weather conditions the piece might encounter during its lifetime. For example, standing water or clay will eventually warp the quality of the bamboo. If the trellis is to be located near a pool, make sure that the boards are treated with a high level of resin. Resin is an excellent waterproofing agent and will help maintain the integrity of the bamboo wedding trellis.

When decorating your wedding reception venue, it is always best to think outside the box. A wonderful way to add sophistication and elegance to a garden setting is to include a bamboo wedding trellis. They are simple, beautiful, and will seamlessly blend into your natural surroundings. With such beautiful options, there is no reason why your reception won't be gorgeous!


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