Bamboo Tomato Cages - A Great Way to Grow Tomatoes in Your Own Backyard

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Bamboo Tomato Cages - A Great Way to Grow Tomatoes in Your Own Backyard

Installing a tomato trellis to grow tomatoes is easy if you follow some basic steps. The first step is to choose the best site for your tomato trellis. Tomatoes enjoy full sunlight and good drainage but will do better in a shady area of your yard. If you live in an area where there are a lot of weeds this is not an option for you. If your tomatoes are going to get wet, dry them quickly and remove the soil so they can dry quickly.

The first thing you have to do is choose the plants that you are going to grow on your new trellis. The best plants for this job are the taller varieties like Acacia, Cherry, Papaya, and Sweet Cicely. The smaller ones like Grapes and Sunflowers will do very well too, but you should give them the same consideration as the bigger ones. You can easily find bamboo tomato cages at your local nursery or garden supply store and they come with all the hardware you need.

You should measure the lengths of the poles you purchased and build the trellis framework to hold the poles. The two main styles of tomato trellis bamboo diy plans include the flat pole style and the arbor style. The flat pole is the easiest style of plan to build and it only requires two poles, one inside the other. However, there are several considerations to make when building this type of structure, including choosing the right angle of the arbor style pole.

Next you will need to decide how many tomato plants you are going to grow on your bamboo tower. Most people start with one or two plants, but depending on the time of year and the size of your yard, you may be able to grow more. If you start out with just two plants you will have more room to grow your plants. If you can grow four or more tomato plants on your bamboo trellis, you can even use them to produce your own organic vegetables!

When you have your framework constructed and your two pieces of wood frame ready to assemble, you will want to measure the dimensions of your two selected planks. The planks will need to be at least twenty-four inches apart. Now you will cut your bamboo pieces to fit together like a puzzle. Use a saw that will cut the pieces to fit without cutting into the core of the plant. Your tomato trellis planks will need to be glued into their holes and then the glue will need to be allowed to dry before you nail the two pieces together.

There are many benefits of using these bamboo tomato cages to grow your own fresh tomatoes. These tomato cages are reusable so you save money and you can grow more than enough tomatoes for your own personal consumption. You can serve the delicious and easy to prepare tomatoes right from the bottom of the trellis. This would be a great addition to any of your outdoor gatherings. If you have a nice patio table you could set up a few chairs at the edge of the trellis and have your dinner guests gather around it for some great conversation. What a wonderful way to enhance the look and function of your outdoor patio furniture.


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