Bamboo Garden Decor - Why Bamboo Sticks Are Popular

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Bamboo sticks are the preferred wooden stick used in the southern parts of the world. They have been used by Indian nomads and ancient Chinese, Mongolian and Japanese cultures for thousands of years. In the United States and Europe, bamboo is commonly used for crafts and gardening. They are becoming more popular for outdoor furnishings, especially bamboo garden decor.

Bamboo is a tough wood that has many desirable qualities that make it ideal for making outdoor furnishings. It is a hardwood that is soft and comfortable to the touch. It is porous, so that leaves, twigs and other plant matter do not rot under the surface. Its natural color is white or tan.

Traditional designs for bamboo garden furniture include baskets topped with animal designs such as turtles, cats, monkeys, eagles, pigs, cows and dogs. The colors are generally dark brown, black, and tan, which provide a durable wood finish. Beautiful designs include swags and borders made of ropes and vine-like shapes. These designs lend a rustic appearance to your porch or garden.

You can choose your bamboo garden decor for storage, sunbath or dining. By selecting the right design you can easily add to the design by combining your choices. Some other great designs include:

Bamboo sticks may be purchased as simple pieces in a wood or plastic carrying case. Individual pieces come in bright, decorative colors and designs. You can also get large boxes which come with open tops, which makes them easier to transport.

Wooden decorative bamboo sticks are popular. They come in many different sizes and styles and include some of the more common designs as well. Some of the more popular designs include cherry, maple, oak, ebony, bone and glass.

Bamboo sticks are very flexible, making them easy to stack, slide and bend. They are easy to use and very attractive to look at. In addition, they do not require the maintenance of more traditional types of garden furniture. Because they do not need strong support, they are less expensive. Bamboo furniture is lightweight and compact.

If you are planning to expand your garden, outdoor living or decorating plan outdoors, bamboo can easily fit into your design, no matter what style your home. It is easy to use, very durable and very attractive. Choosing the right design for your outdoor furniture will ensure a long lasting purchase.

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