Bamboo Arts, Crafts With Bamboo Sticks, Decorative Sculptures and More

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Bamboo Arts, Crafts With Bamboo Sticks, Decorative Sculptures and More

Best DIY Bamboo Sticker DIY Bamboo Shower Planter. Beautiful natural strong yet simple bamboo stickers that you should definitely try. merge various sized bamboo sticks together to make the support of a small glass vase. 5 trendy bamboo bottle craft ideas.

This is the first in our series of best bamboo crafts images for decorating your home with creative DIY bamboo crafts homesthetics. This is a unique way to decorate your home using bamboo sticks. This project comes from an adobe maker adobe deviantart member, who also created a similar bamboo flower tattoo image using silk flowers. The tattoo is inked on her wrist and it took her almost two weeks to complete it.

These crafts ideas come from a bamboo magazine called bamboo arts. They are really great and are written by someone who uses bamboo to paint. You can find the bamboo arts magazine at craft stores or even subscription shops like craft mega.

These are some of the best bamboo craft projects ideas and even if you don't use bamboo sticks, you can still do these projects. All you need are large sheets of colored printer paper and colorful bamboo wood sticks or twigs, scissors, glue, scissors again and so on. If you want to do something really unique, you can use colored paper and stick on colored bamboo wood stains that will give it an organic look.

Another awesome idea for your home and decor is doing bamboo wall art. If you are a creative person and have at least a basic knowledge of drawing and painting this is one of the best bamboo wood craft ideas for your home and decor. You can draw out your own masterpiece of bamboo and color it or you can buy bamboo stencils to do the work for you.

The bamboo flower is one of my favorites as well. You can get these flowers at any local craft store and make them yourself. This is one of the best ideas bamboo craft ideas, because once you do it once it is a hobby. The only tools you need for this project are white paper, bamboo sticks, color pencils, glue, stickers, cork board, bamboo stamps and either a vinyl or wood sticker paper. You can also use a vinyl decal sheet to put on your bamboo flower. You can do this project on your own or you can take a class and learn how to make these beautiful bamboo flower headpieces.


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