About Bamboo Stir Sticks

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About Bamboo Stir Sticks

If you are thinking about trying out Chinese cooking, then you should consider buying bamboo stir sticks because these are the most useful for stir frying. They are perfect to use in stir frying since they can easily penetrate the fat. This makes it easier for you to stir-fry the food without having to worry about damaging or burning the food. The sticks have been used in Chinese households for over a thousand years and they have become popular in the western world as well. They are easy to store, and once they are used they do not have to be taken care of because they last for quite a long time.

You will be surprised at how durable bamboo sticks are since they are made from the same plant which is used to make paper. These sticks are also very thin which makes it easier for them to travel from one place to another. When buying bamboo stir sticks, you must be careful that the sticks you buy are of good quality. If you buy cheap bamboo sticks, you will find that they break easily, especially if you apply too much force when you stir fry food with them.

Since you are looking for bamboo sticks which are of good quality, then you will have to look for one that has been made using pure bamboo wood. Some manufacturers might try and fool you by using fake bamboo wood, but this is usually useless since bamboo will never deceive anybody. Bamboo is such an expensive plant that it is difficult for manufacturers to produce fake ones. It is therefore very important that you only buy genuine bamboo sticks.

Now that you know where to get good bamboo sticks, you should know that these sticks are essential when preparing Chinese food. If you do not have them, then you will have to make do with thin slices of meat which will have the same consistency as well as taste as that of genuine Chinese food. Since there is so much variety available when it comes to bamboo sticks, it can be very confusing trying to choose which ones to buy. There are some that come coated in sauces and some stick straight to the bottom. When you are buying bamboo sticks, it is therefore best that you buy a few of each type and keep them in different parts of your kitchen.

You will notice that bamboo stir sticks are quite heavy when they are freshly cut. This is due to the fibres that have been used in their making. These sticks are usually wrapped with leaves and hung in baskets before being sold. As long as you keep your bamboo stir sticks in good condition and in a cool dark place, they will last for a long time. To preserve the freshness of the sticks, you should store them in air tight containers.

While buying bamboo stir sticks, it is advisable that you ask your supplier about the seasonings that the sticks are seasoned with. It would be a good idea to buy sticks that have been dipped in different kinds of soy sauce before being sold. This will allow you to enjoy their aroma for a longer period of time. However, most people prefer to buy sticks that have been dipped in salt or other seasoning before using. The seasoning will add more taste to the bamboo sticks. So make sure that you buy bamboo sticks that are made of high quality bamboo that will last for a long time.


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