A Bamboo Tripod Trellis Will Make Your Garden Stand Out

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Using bamboo poles as garden furniture is a fabulous idea, but it does need certain conditions. They need good drainage and good circulation, so the water doesn't stagnate. They need to be in full sun so that they can get all the nutrients from the soil. This is why using bamboo trellises is such a good idea. It can provide shade as well as being a wonderful garden accessory.

A bamboo pole or two planted at the bottom and one or two plants climbing up the sides look fabulous. They give a dramatic effect and look very natural in any garden. Some of the most popular flowering plants used are the Japanese maples, California poppies, and nursery grapes. The type of garden trellises that are most widely sold are the wrought iron ones. They are usually sold as a pair of flowers so a bamboo tripod trellis system with four tiers would look quite amazing.

One other plant that looks good planted among garden plants in a bamboo trellis style is the cucumber. The cool cucumbers will be perfect for late summer and early fall. Use them straight off the vine in salads or mixed into dishes. The white and green shoots of the cucumber will give your garden an old world country look.

Cucumbers are not hardy plants. They will need lots of care and lots of sunshine. This makes them poor candidates for hanging baskets. If you grow your bamboo tripod in a container, you will be able to give them as much sunlight as you want and they will still flourish.

There is such a wide range of styles available in a bamboo tripod trellis that you will be spoiled for choice. This is a garden feature that you won't regret buying. You can buy one or more trellises to suit different themes and moods. Consider planting them in the same groupings as other plants or you can mix and match them. Whichever way you go, you will have a beautiful and practical addition to your garden.


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