• How to Build a Perfect Bamboo Fence

    Nothing symbolizes beauty, strength and simplicity like a beautiful bamboo fencing. In Japan, bamboo fencing is a fascinating art form, but you do not need to be particularly artistic, or particularly crafty, to know how to build an ideal picket fence and use this basic type of Japanese tea fence.Wh

  • A Bamboo Trellise

    A bamboo trellis is a great way to add beauty to any garden and give it a sense of peace and tranquility. They are made of bamboo and can be placed in the ground to add beauty to any garden.Bamboo comes from the Asian countries and is used for everything from medicine to furniture to flooring and ev

  • Bamboo Sticks - Learn What Types of Bamboo to Use For Decorating

    Bamboo sticks are made from the wood of the bamboo plant, which is a perennial plant that grows from the soil. Bamboo sticks are typically used to hang out in gardens and are often the most inexpensive way to add some color and interest to a yard or patio. However, before you start decorating your p

  • Benefits of Using Bamboo Poles

    Bamboo poles offer sustainable and high performance lumber, making them an attractive choice for construction projects. Single bamboo poles often have longer lengths, which allows the tree to grow more quickly, and is a popular alternative to traditional lumber because of its environmental advantage

  • Real Estate Of Hefei Reinforced Bamboo Instead Of Concrete Reinforcing Bar

    Concrete blocks are not in bars, but bamboo Hefei office building discovered "bars" authorities requested a full investigation into concrete mixture are poured into a template and then polished bamboo sticks in it. The afternoon of August 30, reporters visited a number of construction sites in Hefei

  • Some Projects Are Found In Hefei Concrete Precast Block Bamboo

    See more Lou, Lou yy, today, to see this news know that this building does not fall, no spart really never justified. Maybe the building materials, let these guys live, can more effectively prevent such incidents from happening again. Some residential engineering construction of Hefei has been expos

  • Hefei Official: Prohibition Of Using Bamboo Instead Of Steel Building

    Some residential engineering construction of Hefei has been exposed to a bamboo stick instead of steel wire, steel production of precast and concrete shear wall with steel bars fixed. This inform the construction quality and safety supervision station of Hefei said will carry out special checks, a t

  • Father Suspects Had An Affair With His Wife Being Hot Iron Nail Bamboo

    Old Wu chest Burns shocking said, father, father deep as the sea. Faced with worked hard for their lives, white-haired old father, as a child should think how to return. However, Wu Zhen, zhaodong, Heilongjiang province, a man named Wu Hatuo, not only failed to support his father's obligations, but

  • Guangxi Border Covered With Nails For The Elite Unit To Skewer

    In karst mountains spread easier said than done? Hammer on steel of the soldiers, Lions shock the blood, shook the buzzing ears, rock dropped only one white. Once a resident Pingxiang city, a condolation group company condolences, stunned by the scene in front of them: right is split half of the Hil

  • Know Bamboo Architecture And Bamboo Bamboo Le Second Life Forum Held In Anji

    "Know bamboo." the second Summit successfully held in Anji bamboo construction bamboo life. "Section but not when they were unearthed, to reach the clouds also modestly" bamboo as a spiritual symbol symbols and culture, bearing the temperament and character of the Chinese nation. Chinese bamboo cult

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