• How to Install Bamboo Trellis Panels

    Bamboo trellis panels are lightweight and sturdy. They can be used as wall decoration as well as a gate. The diagonal pattern will help vegetable and flower vines grow. The eco-friendly material can also be mounted to existing walls. The installation process is simple and requires very little time.

  • How to Make the Most of Bamboo Skewers

    Bamboo skewer sticks are made from the stems of the Dan and Mao bamboo trees. They are typically 15.5 to 16 inches in length and 5/16 inches in diameter. They are ideal for grilling, roasting marshmallows, and crafting. You can find them in stores near you or online. There are different sizes and co

  • Dark Brown Bamboo Poles

    A wide selection of Dark Brown Bamboo Poles are available online. These sturdy sticks come in natural and black colors. Their diameters are rounded and they are sold in packs of 10 or 20. Depending on the size of the plant you're stakeing, these can be used as indoor or outdoor decorations. They're

  • How to Make a Bamboo Wattle Fence

    Creating a bamboo wattle fence is an effective way to enclose your garden. The woven panels can be custom made to suit your preferences. There are various sizes of bamboo poles to choose from, and you can easily make the panels to suit your needs. They also come in a variety of different heights, so

  • How to Use Large Bamboo Sticks For Decoration

    For a natural accent to your home, consider using large, decorative bamboo sticks. These natural, organic accents can complement modern furniture and give a home a sophisticated, yet earthy look. You can buy these decorative bamboo poles from a hardware store or from specialty retailers, but they ca

  • The Benefits of Florida Bamboo Poles

    Florida bamboo poles are available at a wide variety of prices. From the inexpensive to the more expensive, bamboo is a sustainable option for many types of landscaping projects. If you are in need of some new stakes or poles for your lawn, try visiting a local hardware store. If you are in the mark

  • How to Install a Bamboo Chain Link Fence

    When installing a bamboo chain link fence, it is necessary to use the proper tools. In order to install the fence, wrap galvanized wire around the bamboo stalks three to four times. Then, use a crimping tool to attach the wires. You should be careful not to pull too hard, otherwise, the mesh might r

  • The Bamboo Expanding Trellis

    The bamboo expanding trellis is made from environmentally friendly, fast-growing bamboo. It is a natural plant support that blends seamlessly into any landscape. You can use it to create a decorative border or to hold up bush beans in raised beds. It also doubles as a decorative divider or border. I

  • Bamboo Craft Sticks - Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, and Hygienic

    Natural, flexible and smooth, bamboo craft sticks make great tools for woodcrafts, handicrafts, and educational activities. They can be painted, drilled, and wired for many uses. They're also a great choice for adorning your home and making unique gifts for friends and family. There are a wide varie

  • Discount Bamboo Poles

    Whether you are looking for a sturdy bench for the patio or a large divider for your yard, discount bamboo poles are an excellent choice. The material is environmentally friendly and versatile, and comes in a variety of colors. You can find bamboo poles for large and small projects and a variety of

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