• Where to Purchase Bamboo Poles

    It's important to purchase bamboo poles that are from a country that produces most of the world's bamboo. Make sure that the company you're dealing with uses environmentally-friendly practices and grows their bamboo responsibly. There are a few things to look for when purchasing bamboo poles, includ

  • The Benefits of Fence Bamboo

    A fence made of bamboo is a great option for the environment. Not only is it durable and long-lasting, but it can also be decorative, which is a bonus for homeowners who like to keep their surroundings as natural as possible. Wood panels are a popular option for fencing, but they can't match the ben

  • How to Paint Bamboo Sticks

    If you would like to paint bamboo sticks, you should start by selecting an appropriate shade for the front and the background. Use a mid-tone color to give the illusion of a darker background. Then, mix a shadow and highlight colour to create the desired tones. Once you have completed these steps, y

  • Staining Stained Bamboo Poles

    If you have a garden and want to have a beautiful looking structure, you can opt for stained bamboo poles. There are different types of bamboo poles available and the process for staining them can be quite challenging. This article will give you some tips on how to make bamboo poles look better. Her

  • How to Build a Short Bamboo Fence

    If you are considering building a short bamboo fence, you need to know how to build it. This article will guide you through the process. You can learn how to build a fence in less than an hour. Follow the steps carefully and you will soon have a beautiful fence. Once you're done, you can start plant

  • How to Build a Bamboo Cucumber Trellis

    If you love to grow your own cucumbers, you might be interested in making a bamboo cucumber trellis for your garden. If you're looking for a cheap and durable way to support your growing cucumbers, this trellis is a great option. These lattice structures are very sturdy and can be adjusted to the de

  • Martial Arts With Bamboo Sticks

    If you're wondering about the various styles of martial arts with bamboo sticks, you're not alone. A wide range of martial arts use bamboo sticks, ranging from kickboxing to karate. Regardless of the style you choose, there are techniques that can confuse your opponent. Listed below are some of the

  • The Benefits of Bamboo Half Round Poles

    Bamboo half round poles are typically about 7 to 10cm in diameter. This makes them an ideal choice for covering ceilings and walls. Many people use them to hide fence posts. Because bamboo expands and contracts like wood, it will crack vertically. While this doesn't compromise the strength of bamboo

  • How to Install a Tall Bamboo Fence

    If you'd like to create a high-quality bamboo fence, there are several things you need to consider. First, you need to consider the size of the structure. Bamboo is usually around six to eight feet tall, which makes it an excellent choice for a large yard. If the height of the fence is not a concern

  • How to Make a Bamboo Trelli

    If you want to learn how to make bamboo trellis, you must first prepare a sturdy base. Dig a hole that is at least 18 inches deep and slightly wider than the thickest bamboo poles you'll use for the trellis. Next, insert the bamboo stakes and secure them in place with zip ties. The bamboo poles shou

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