Know Bamboo Architecture And Bamboo Bamboo Le Second Life Forum Held In Anji

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"Know bamboo." the second Summit successfully held in Anji bamboo construction bamboo life. "Section but not when they were unearthed, to reach the clouds also modestly" bamboo as a spiritual symbol symbols and culture, bearing the temperament and character of the Chinese nation. Chinese bamboo culture are directly or indirectly affected Asian countries and Western culture development. Southern Song dynasty poet Su Shi, Yu Qian Yun Xuan monk Green mentioned in "I would rather eat no meat, not without bamboo. "This is highly valued by ancient Chinese bamboo. Bamboo represents the extraordinary, fresh and elegant. Bamboo is also the carrier of the harmonious coexistence between man and nature and the media. Friendship with the bamboo, know Le bamboo, bamboo, bamboo and closeness to the people, elegant simplicity. In modern life, the bamboo not only represent the person's character, also represents a green, low-carbon, environmentally-friendly and civilized way of life, more representative in nature live, in the time of recycling for sustainable development in view of the world.

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