International Network For Bamboo And Rattan Technical Committee Was Established The International Organization For Standardization Technical Committee On Bamboo And Rattan Was Founded

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On April 26, the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee on bamboo and rattan was established in Beijing. Director of the State Forestry Bureau, Zhang Jianlong, national party member of the General Administration of quality supervision, the standards Committee Director Tian Shihong, ISO Chairman Zhang Xiaogang, international network for bamboo and rattan Co-Chairman of the Board Jiang zehui unveiling for the Commission.

The International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee is mainly responsible for bamboo and rattan bamboo, rattan, as well as the standardization of related derivative products, including terminology, classifications, specifications, test methods and quality requirements, purpose is through the internationalization of standards, facilitating international trade in bamboo and rattan products and the sustainable use of resources. Member States including China, Colombia, and Egypt, and France, and Germany, and India, and Indonesia, and Italy, and Jamaica, and Nepal, Nigeria, the Philippines, in 12 countries. In addition, Argentina and the United States and the United Kingdom, and Korea and 20 other countries become observer States of the Commission.

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