Extraction And Identification Of Red Pigment From Zhuhuangzhong

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Shiraia bambusicola henn, and said bamboo red dumplings, and bamboo cocoon, and bamboo parameter, and bamboo spent, and light shiraia bambusicola henn, and bamboo 37,, is child SAC bacteria outline meat seat bacteria section (Hypocreaceae). shiraia bambusicola henn is fungi shiraia bambusicola henn (Sharaia bambusicola P.Henn) of child seat [1]. civil more to bubble wine drink clothing, for treatment old low back pain, and rheumatic arthritis, and fell playing injury, and lumbar muscle strain, and stomach pain, and vomiting diarrhea, and acute hepatitis and children pertussis, disease. Authors isolated from commercially available outer alcohol soak 3 red main ingredient, and one of the 2 kinds of structural identification of work, respectively, identified as red bamboo armillarisin a and ...

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