• The Basics of How to Connect Bamboo Poles to Your Existing Patio

    It is possible to connect your patio furniture to your existing patio wall or a patio roof. This allows the existing patio materials to stand in the same place without any additional construction or tearing. Here are some tips on how to attach a patio pole to a new or existing patio roof.Type One: B

  • Ban Unveiled Expansion One Of The First Businesses, New Century Zhubang Ringing Tone

    Today, collective ceremony held national SME share transfer system from all over the country's 260 companies in the stock transfer system set up. Beijing century bamboo Corporation listed as a new State energy technology companies to participate in the Bell ceremony.Links on January 24, 2014 stock n

  • Reorganization Of Bamboo

    Reorganization of bamboo, also known as bamboo, is a kind of reorganizing and strengthening of bamboo molding of bamboo material, which is processed into long strips of bamboo bamboo, bamboo silk or crushed into bamboo beams, dipped after the drying, and then dried to the required moisture content,

  • Cane Water Cooking Methods

    To be boiled in sugar water, first to pick sugar cane. So, what kind of sugar cane for boiled in sugar water. In General, provisions of this sugarcane varieties not very limited, but you want to pick up some long cane growth cycle, so more sugar cane there, partly because no deformation after it has

  • Development Of Bamboo And Rattan Material Value

    Development of bamboo and rattan material valueBamboo plants grow fast, high output, and annually quantitatively evaluate, in economic development (in particular economic development of third world countries) plays an important role, so bamboo in India have "poor man's timber," said. The very extens

  • Lingnania Chungii Preliminary Study On Extraction Technology Of Flavonoids From Bamboo Leaves

    ompared with some solvent on powder of bamboo leaves flavonoids extraction and study on concentration, temperature, solvent extraction, solid-liquid ratio and other factors influence on the extraction of flavonoids. Tests show that bamboo optimum extracting conditions of flavonoids from bamboo leave

  • Extraction And Identification Of Red Pigment From Zhuhuangzhong

    Shiraia bambusicola henn, and said bamboo red dumplings, and bamboo cocoon, and bamboo parameter, and bamboo spent, and light shiraia bambusicola henn, and bamboo 37,, is child SAC bacteria outline meat seat bacteria section (Hypocreaceae). shiraia bambusicola henn is fungi shiraia bambusicola henn

  • Shiraia Bambusicola, Isolation And Analysis Of Genetic Diversity Of Fungi

    The outer (Shiraia bambusicola p. Henn.) Is a rare type of Parasitic fungi in our country, have great medicinal value, with the outer bamboo red with photosensitive activity in Streptozotocin (bamboo bamboo Red Red armillarisin a and strain b) discovery of application research on shiraia bambusicola

  • Photosensitizer Hypocrellin Streptozotocin Class Of Optical Physics

    Bamboo red bacteria pigment is China by unique of photosensitive agent, now has proved has obviously of anti-tumor, anti-virus role, is a has dive application prospects of phototherapy drug, and now only was approved clinical using of phototherapy drug blood Porphyrin imidazoline compared, has raw m

  • TRANS-What Are The Causes Of Yellow Bamboo Rod?

    Causes and treatment methods of transit of yellow bamboo rod is as follows:1, too much fertilizer causes yellowing of the leaves. Fertility strong resistance of bamboo while in transit, but too much fertilizer can also cause yellowing of the leaves. Specifically new top appear dry Brown leaves, old

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