• How to Use Bamboo Poles

    Bamboo poles, also known as pole post or wood posts are lightweight pole posts that are manufactured from bamboo. Plastic Bamboo Posts: The Plastic Bamboo Posts is lightweight and durable. The color of the plastic bamboo pole is white with black markings on it. Plastic bamboo pole is the ideal use f

  • Bamboo Sticks Make An Excellent Indoor Decorating Choice

    Bamboo sticks make an excellent indoor decorating choice. Whether you are talking about bamboo bowls, tall bamboo sculptures, eco-friendly bamboo dishes and other such pieces, they make a good choice. They have many advantages over traditional bamboo tableware.Bamboo is a sustainable resource that i

  • How to Build a Bamboo Trelli

    Add natural charm to your garden with a bamboo trellis for climbing plants like herbs, bamboo shoots, or even flowering plants such as morning glories and jasmine, and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to make a bamboo trellis out of bamboo. Trellising clears up space in your garden, enabling you t

  • How to Choose a Bamboo Fence

    If you are considering installing a bamboo fence, whether it is in your garden or as a barrier between your house and your neighbour's, there are a few important points you need to understand before you purchase one. Although it might have its disadvantages in certain climates, you can still greatly

  • Advantages Of Bamboo Fence

    Bamboo Fence is extremely important material for making unique Asian-inspired resort style homes. Bamboo fencing is usually used for exterior and interior living areas. Bamboo fencing is usually made of individual wooden poles bound together with galvanized wire. These pieces are hand-woven using a

  • How To Make A Beautiful Bamboo Trellis

    You can easily create a beautiful bamboo trellis in your backyard with just some simple bamboo twine and a few garden tools. It is so simple! Just beautiful flowering Arizona grape vines are springing up like crazy in the late summer - and with this beautiful new growth comes the desire for a bamboo

  • What Bamboo Sticks Are Used For

    Bamboo rain sticks are widely used for many more than aesthetic and practical attributes. They can also be used as tools with the utmost defense in mind, for both the mind and spirit.Bamboo rain sticks have been around for quite some time now and have an extensive and storied history of their own. P

  • Finding Bamboo Wires Seattle

    Many people in the Seattle area own a business that requires bamboo poles. If you own a business or you are looking to purchase them for your business, you may want to contact a manufacturer to find out about the different bamboo pole sizes available. There are so many varieties to choose from that

  • Why Choose TreLan Bamboo?

    If you are looking for superior construction-grade bamboo for pole construction, Tre-Lan bamboo is a top choice. This beautiful bamboo has prominent leaves that create a stunningly beautiful material that's great for use outdoors as well as indoors. Tre-Lan bamboo poles are ideal for outdoor use in

  • Bamboo Decor Pieces - A Natural Solution

    Bamboo sticks are commonly used in making beautiful garden plants and decorations, and they have a very special beauty and elegance. But you can also use bamboo decorative sticks as beautiful table leaves and planters for your patio or garden.Bamboo sticks are also a popular alternative to plastic t

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